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    October 2001Volume 27 - Number 3    


WDA Executive Conference Gives Parts and Accessory Manufacturers the Opportunity to Meet All Major Distributors

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A Tough Trail to Follow

In the early 1990s John Crean, founder and then chairman of Fleetwood Enterprises, told RV News that the real innovative ideas for the RV industry in future years would come from small entrepreneurial companies rather than the major RV manufacturers. And like so many other things he was right about, Crean's prognosis was correct. One of the companies that has led the way in innovative concepts and market-shaping ideas is a little company from the farmlands of northern Indiana ­­ R-Vision. Read how this start-up company has influenced the product concepts of almost every manufacturer and learn what new ideas may be on the horizon.

Gypsies, Tramps, Thieves, And Tin Canners

The rise of RV consumer organizations from the Family Motor Coach Association, Good Sam Club, and Escapees to the RV America Association have common roots in both philosophy and goals. The first known camper club startedofficially in 1919 -- Tin Can Tourists of America. Read how this group formed and why they chose their name. It's all part of the continuing story of the industry's rich heritage.

Communication Breakdown: Problem or Advantage

One of the real valuable talents businesses have lost over the years is the ability to generate professional communications. Read why Zagami believes this is true and how it has become a problem for business. But Zagami has solutions. Read how you can improve your company's professional image by taking a few simple steps.

Report from Harrisburg Dealer Attendance Light Tragedy Strikes on Second Trade Day

Our man on the move, Bob Zagami, dropped into the PRVCA show in Harrisburg on September 10 and reports dealer attendance was off this year, and then we all know what happened on the morning of the second and last day of trade days.
The aisles may have been deserted but those that passed this opportunity missed some exciting new products from manufacturers and Zagami shares some of those with you.


With family near "ground zero," Bob Zagami shares his thoughts about the recent tragedy in New York and how the RV industry might help with the healing process for America. And then visiting the area near the tragedy the following Sunday, Zagami recognizes a familiar vehicle and upon investigation discovers one RV industry supplier right in the heart of the horrific scene doing its part to help.

Editorial Sidebar
The Sunday after, Sadness and Support.

Bob Zagami tells of his personal experiences visiting New York City following the World Trade Center terrorist attacks.
Magnet Paints' Series 9000 Acrylic Enamel*,
Magnet Paints, announces the immediate availability of its Magnacryl* Series 9000 Acrylic Enamels, specially formulated to refinish and protect recreational vehicles.

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