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    November 2001Volume 27 - Number 4    



RVDA Convention/Expo

Recap of RVDA's 2001 Convention/Expo
2001 Dealer Convention
Possibly the Best Ever

See how the events of September 11 influenced attendance and attitudes at the 2001 RV Dealers International Convention at the Rio All-Suite Casino Resort in Las Vegas, NV., and learn why the convention turned out to be an outstanding program for those that attended. Also, learn which companies and individuals were honored at this year's dealer conclave.

Louisville Preview
39th Annual National RV Show
Prepares Industry for Future

Every industry person who considers himself or herself a professional will be in Louisville next month laying the ground work for making the most of the uncertainties of business in 2002. Read what RVIA has in store for you and start planning your appointments now.

Betty Orr

RV Industry Heritage"First Lady" of The RV Industry
In the era when women were generally left at home "barefoot and pregnant" or having teas and doing charity work, Betty Orr was making her mark as a dynamic and brilliant businesswoman and a very great national influence on the earliest days of the RV industry. Because of her broad reaching industry involvement, she was a tireless proponent of cooperation and communication between the manufacturing and retail sides of the young industry. Read about her many accomplishments and discover why she is considered the "First Lady" of the RV Industry.  

in the Desert

Educational opportunities abound for service technicians through various programs available, but many RV dealers fail to take advantage of these programs. This month Dave Matson looks at a recent Trouble-Shooters Clinic in Mesa, AZ, sponsored by RVIA and RVDA offers opinions on the value of these type programs and why dealers should be taking advantage of them.

Rewards of Courage

RV News believes it took a lot of courage on the part of the leadership of RVDA to make the decision to go ahead with its convention and expo following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, especially when many major conventions around the country were being cancelled. Read RV News' analysis of the convention and see who we thought were winners and losers.
The aisles may have been deserted but those that passed this opportunity missed some exciting new products from manufacturers and Zagami shares some of those with you.

Salesmanship Selling Convenience:
A New Direction for the Industry

Picking up where Carefree of Colorado's Tom Faludy left off at the Dealers' Choice panel discussion "Get Ready for the Future," Zagami adds some ideas on way RV dealers can turn selling convenience into profitable sales.


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