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August 2016 -- Volume 34 Number 1
In Our 34rd Year of Service to the RV Industry

Past Cover Stories
Issue: October 2006

Inspired by a Vision ....

The heart of the Kandle Heeter™ Candle Holder is the Quad-Core™ Radiator
The heart of the Kandle Heeter™ Candle Holder is the Quad-Core™ Radiator
Several RV’ers have already discovered the candle heater. Their observations range from “amazing” to “unbelievable” – but they all had one common comment, “No, you can’t have mine!”
Several RV’ers have already discovered the candle heater. Their observations range from “amazing” to “unbelievable” – but they all had one common comment, “No, you can’t have mine!”

Doyle Doss is a scientist and inventor in environment and energy related products. A Viet-Nam era veteran, he returned to school and completed his formal education with a B.S. in Natural Resources and Computer Science. He had the good fortune to work with early global computer models which sought to depict the impact of population on global resources. Mr. Doss was impressed with the absolute need for efficiency of use and for conservation of all natural resources and over the subsequent years has brought several low tech alternative solutions to market that conserve resource use and increase effectiveness.

His current project, the Kandle Heeter™ Candle Holder was inspired by a vision on an early October Sunday morning last year (true story). He was able to gather the basic components for a prototype that same day, had completed a working model by sundown, and was amazed at how much heat was actually produced by the simple low tech no moving parts device. Mr. Doss immediately put his other projects on hold and spent the next week refining the prototype, investigating its principles of operation, and warming his bedroom each evening with his new-fangled old fashioned candle powered space heater.

Of course, the heart of the Kandle Heeter™ Candle Holder is the Quad-Core™ Radiator. This steel and ceramic construct is a compilation of 3 nested terra cotta ceramic pots united and held apart from one another by a solid steel inner core. Unglazed terra cotta has a unique innate ability to act as a gentle radiant body when heated. The steel inner core is comprised of a ¼” diameter steel bolt three inches long that carries an assemblage of flat washers, thrust washers, and hex nuts to create almost 3 ounces of internal thermal mass. It is the natural heat retention ability of iron that allows the candle heater to collect and concentrate the thermal energy of the candle flame so effectively. The steel is driven to very high temperatures by the flame, temperatures as high as 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit have been measured in the interior steel and ceramic core.

This high temperature is quickly moderated by the secondary core to 250 degrees, and the even thicker wall and larger surface area of the outer ceramic core further drops the temperature on the outer surface of the radiator to a very nice 160 to 180 degrees (about the temperature of an old fashioned steam radiator). As long as the flame of the candle is centered under the steel inner core it is continually passing thermal energy into the inner core of the radiator, and the radiator is mitigating the high internal temperatures into a constant dry radiant heat on the outer surface that is warm, even hot, but not too hot to touch.

The stand of the first production prototype was cobbled together from three 6 inch angle brackets bent and bolted together to from a triangular “Y” base. The radiator was suspended on a double run of ball chain which passed through holes in the tops of the uprights. This created a stable all metal stand with an elevated platform for the ceramic saucers. Mr. Doss undertook a limited production run of 24 units using this stand design and secured six local retail outlets as a target market on the run up to Christmas.

Sales went well and Mr. Doss introduced the candle heater to the World Wide Web in February, 2006. But the quickly rising price of steel compelled Mr. Doss to develop a new six piece stand constructed of 1/8” thick by 1” wide mild steel bar stock held together with mechanical fasteners and welding compound. This construction made for a very heavy stand and drove the total package weight way over 4 lbs and greatly increased the shipping costs.

It took several months of design work and prototyping before the concept of a simple one piece all metal stand came into being. This new design created a stand specifically for the special requirements of the Kandle Heeter™ Candle Holder but necessitated the use of a sophisticated computer numerically controlled (CNC) plasma cutter to cut the intricate stand design from 14 gauge sheet steel. Unfortunately, a plasma cutter leaves a slight edge of slag on the backside of the cut, and this slag must be chipped away by hand. The intricate stand design resulted in over 4 feet of linear edge that needed tedious, time consuming, and laborious slag removal.

A friend of Mr. Doss showed him a small sample component of a piece of heavy equipment that had been cut from stainless steel using a CNC water jet. The edge was incredibly clean, and Mr. Doss knew he had finally solved the difficulties of the stand design. He contracted with a water jet company in Spokane, Washington for 1,000 pieces and is currently in the midst of a major production run for this fall and winter. The new stands are strong and sturdy yet light in weight, and they help keep the overall package weight to less than 4 pounds.

The Kandle Heeter™ Candle Holder is a truly unique product combining elegant grace and simplicity into a true Bauhaus design. Form and function are integrally united and even Bucky Fuller would be pleased at a product design with no moving parts that does indeed does “more with less.”

The candle heater is ideally suited for small spaces like RV’s that are easily (and expensively) overheated with their internal forced air furnaces or very expensively spot heated with battery draining electric heaters. The candle heater continuously radiates heat into the room that “keeps the chill” off without driving you to open a window.

The Kandle Heeter™ Candle Holder is available exclusively from the manufacturer at for $25.95 (plus shipping). The website is filled with photos, information, video clips, comments from owners, and even a section on how to make a product similar to the candle heater. Several RV’ers have already discovered the candle heater. Their observations range from “amazing” to “unbelievable” – but they all had one common comment, “No, you can’t have mine!”

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