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October 2016 -- Volume 34 Number 3
In Our 34rd Year of Service to the RV Industry

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RVIA Honors Thor Chairman Wade Thompson

Wade Thompson of Thor Industries received the RVIA Special Award. This prestigious award aims to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the overall success of the RV industry. “Thompson is a true titan of our industry,” said RVIA Chairman of the Board Carl Pfalzgraf, citing the industry leader’s early support of the Go RVing campaign, the respect he has earned among Wall Street insiders and business analysts, and his media savvy as things that have helped raise the stature of the RV industry. Pfalzgraf added, “with his keen business acumen, Thompson has grown Thor Industries into one of the largest and most-respected companies in our industry."

In accepting the award, Thompson said, "I've been in this industry over thirty years - more than half my life. Maybe the industry isn't so great now - we're supposed to be down 14% this year - but cheer up. It's not 1979. The sky is not falling. The industry will thrive and continue to grow - we've proved our mettle before and we will again."

Several other RVIA members were honored for their exceptional contributions to the association and the RV industry.

The Distinguished Achievement in RV Standards award was presented to Jerome Hoover, a compliance engineer with Monaco Coach. The award was established to recognize those members who have greatly impacted the enhancement of RV industry standards. Hoover has been actively involved in the RVIA standards program for 20 years. Pfalzgraf cited Hoover’s “dedication to serve and assist in the development of standards and policies, that has helped the industry build safer RVs.”

Ed Lee of Marshall Gas Controls was the recipient of The National Education Service Award, presented to recognize those who have been instrumental in the development of educational programs in the RV industry. Pfalzgraf praised Lee, saying, "As an active member of RVIA’s Industry Education Committee, he has played an integral part in the development of RV Service Technician Publications and had a key role in the RV Service Technician Certification and Job and Task analysis efforts."

[ Aug 12, 2008 ]

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RV Makers Adopt California’s Tough Formaldehyde Emissions Limits Nationwide

The nation’s producers of recreation vehicles (RVs) have embraced the same tough new formaldehyde standard that California has adopted, and will require it nationwide.

On June 12, RVIA's board of directors set an effective date for member manufacturers to begin using wood products that meet the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) new formaldehyde emissions level, as a mandatory condition of membership.

Starting Jan. 1, 2009, RV makers that are members of RVIA will be required to build all units with wood products that comply with the CARB standard’s emission limits. By July 1, 2010, they must use wood that has been certified by an appropriate third party as meeting the CARB standard.

As a result of this schedule, RVIA will require its members to use CARB compliant wood nationwide a full 18 months before California phases in its requirement.

“We believe our adoption of the California requirement nationwide underscores our commitment to RV owners and their ability to use our products with confidence,” said RVIA President Richard Coon. “It also demonstrates the continuing commitment to the environment that our customers expect of the products that enable them to enjoy the outdoors.”

Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring chemical that is used to manufacture wood products commonly found in homes and RVs. When fully phased in, CARB expects the new standard to reduce formaldehyde emissions by approximately 57 percent from the wood products it covers: hardwood plywood, particleboard, and medium-density fiberboard.

[ Aug 12, 2008 ]

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Exposure to Wilderness Water Increases Risk of Contracting Waterborne Illnesses

Although wilderness water may appear to be clean and safe to drink, it is likely that ingesting it will result in illness caused by such pathogens as bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and parasites. Other methods of disease transmission include contact with the skin or mucous, the inhalation of aerosolized water, the ingestion of food, skin/soft-tissue or eye injury, the bite of insects, and human-to-human contact.

This report documents the factors that determine the risk of contracting a waterborne illness and explains that knowledge of the source of water exposure, length of symptoms, and incubation period for diseases will greatly assist in making an accurate diagnosis. A table presents some of the more common pathogens and their mode of transmission and symptoms.

Also presented are methods for disinfecting water found in the wilderness, including their advantages and disadvantages. For example, boiling water is the most reliable method of destroying pathogens; however, it is inconvenient and time consuming. In addition, chlorine dioxide is effective against all microorganisms, but to date this method has not been adequately tested in the field.

It is important that those involved in wilderness activities be knowledgeable about pathogens, waterborne disease symptoms, and methods of water disinfection in order to minimize the risk of contracting a waterborne illness.

The article is “Wild Water Everywhere, But Is It Safe to Drink (or Play in)? Better Safe Than on the Run from Waterborne Illnesses in the Wild” by Nancy Pietroski, PharmD. The article appears in Wilderness Medicine, Summer 2008 Issue, published by Allen Press.

Full text of the article is available at

[ Jul 31, 2008 ]

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Red Oak Marketing and Martin Flory Group announced a strategic alliance to complement each company's core business. Red Oak brings to the table eight years of e-based communication solutions that enhance sales, marketing, service and support processes in the marine and powersport industries. Martin Flory Group offers 46 years of marine, RV and outdoor PR experience.

Specializing in electronic communication solutions, Red Oak works with companies such as Grady-White, Regal, Chaparral and Yamaha. Its lead management program captures consumer inquiries and channels them through dealers, with complete trackability of all leads. The company also builds internal networks for OEM and dealer cross-communication, including nurture marketing, service management and co-branded marketing solutions.

Martin Flory Group's public relations program will concentrate on building Red Oak's client base in the marine and RV markets. Red Oak will implement customized services to further Martin Flory Group's communication efficiencies and enhance its sales efforts.

For more information go to

[ Jul 31, 2008 ]

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Coachmen placing new emphasis on West Coast

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the top five growth states in the U.S. are in the West and South West. Equally impressive, 32.6 percent* of the United States new unit recreational vehicle registrations fall within the 11 states west of the Rockies.

In order to capitalize on their market share growth and momentum, Coachmen RV Group hired Scott Degnan as vice president of sales for the company's West Coast region. Physically located in California, Degnan will lead a dedicated West Coast sales team that oversees the sales of all towable and motorized Coachmen RV Group products in the western region.

The addition of Degnan and a dedicated western region sales team represents an aggressive series of moves by Coachmen RV Group to further expand its wholesale and retail sales. During the first four months of 2008, Coachmen showed considerable strength in national retail sales, with market share gains in nearly every product category.

"While we are pleased with our gains so far this year, our sales performance on the West Coast has not been what we've wanted," said Mike Bear, executive vice president for Coachmen RV Company LLC. "Through a dedicated West Coast Team, we will enhance the service that we provide to our current dealer base through aggressive sales training, inventory management and marketing analysis, as well as assure the appropriate focus on growing our dealer base."

Degnan has more than 20 years experience in sales in the RV industry and most recently was president of Alfa Leisure Inc.

[ Jul 31, 2008 ]

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RVRA Members Expect 2008 RV Rentals to Be Better Than 2007

RV rental companies anticipate 2008 to be better for RV rentals than 2007, according to a new survey of RVRA members. Those responding to the association’s annual survey report RV rental activity will be up an average of 20 percent this year.

“Most rental customers realize the increasing cost of gas is only a small percentage of the entire trip, and RV travel is still a great deal,” said RVRA Chairman Bert Alanko. “They are still enjoying an RV vacation, but taking shorter trips.”

RV rental companies are also adding more units to their fleets. The average rental fleet size for 2008 is 28 units, compared with 25 units in 2007. Dealers expanding their current fleet size are adding more Class C motorhomes and trailers.

The survey shows that 36 percent of RV rental customers are booking shorter trips, while 42 percent are booking their rental for the same amount of time as the previous year. Twenty-one percent of reported customers are booking longer trips. Survey respondents expect RV rentals by foreign visitors to make up 11 percent of all North American RV rentals in 2008, up 2 percent from 2007.

For anyone looking to plan an RV rental vacation this year, information and resources are available at This site offers an online directory that has a state-by-state listing of more than 300 rental companies across the U.S. and Canada. The site features consumer tips on renting -- including advice on selecting the proper unit. Consumers can also get a free DVD on RV travel by visiting the website. The DVD contains useful introductory information on the type of RV units available.

[ Jul 29, 2008 ]

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FBI Requests Your Help

The FBI and US Marshall's office have asked for the help of our member parks to track down a fugitive. Apparently he is traveling in a RV and is considered armed and dangerous.

U.S. Marshals are looking for the following vehicle believed to be driven by fugitive Samuel Israel, III. Israel is wanted for failing to surrender to service a 20 year sentence.

2007 Coach Freelander Recreational Vehicle (RV)

NY License Plate: EEN-5973

Color: White

VIN: 1GBJG31U451240922

Sam Israel has been known to use the aliases Sam Ryan and David S, Clapp.

This Vehicle has a hydraulic lift on the rear which may be carrying a blue 2005 Yamaha Scooter. There may be body damage on rear passenger side. Vehicle was last seen on June 6, 2008 in Westchester County, NY. Israel may be at RV Parks, Campgrounds and Highway rest areas.


Date of Birth: 07/20/1959
Place of Birth: LOUISIANA
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 200 pounds
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Scars/Tattoos: Arm, Nonspecific; Tattoo on Hip (non-specific)

[ Jul 29, 2008 ]

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Help The Federal Highway Trust Fund

Recent forecasts indicate a shortfall of several billion dollars to the Federal Highway Trust Fund in FY 2009, largely due to reduced driving and a decade-old congressional action that transferred more than $8 billion from the Highway Trust Fund to the General Fund.

RVIA Vice President of Government Affairs Dianne Farrell said of the situation, “A failure to ensure adequate money in the Highway Trust Fund could trigger funding cuts to states of approximately 34 percent. The resulting shortfall in state budgets could mean a serious delay – or even cancellation – of transportation infrastructure projects that are essential to the health of the RV industry.”

The Federal Aviation Administration extension bill being considered by Congress offers an opportunity to fix the Highway Trust Fund by restoring the $8 million that was removed. To help preserve the Trust Fund, RV industry members can contact their Congressmen and Senators and ask them to credit the Highway Trust Fund's Highway Account with the $8 billion that was taken from it in 1998.

"This revenue-neutral transfer would help to patch the shortfalls in the Trust Fund for 2009 and create a well-funded highway system that is critical to the RV lifestyle," said Farrell. "We're asking our members to email their federal legislators to prevent highway funding cuts that would undermine the network of safe, efficient roads that RVers rely upon." This message is also being supported by diverse groups like the American Highway Users Alliance, the American Public Transportation Association and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

To contact Members of Congress, go to to customize the pre-written Congressional letter, or send it as is. For more information on this issue, call Clint Woods at RVIA at (703) 620-6003 ext. 318

[ Jul 29, 2008 ]

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Go RVing Goes Interactive

Recognizing the changing communications climate, Go RVing has launched itself into the social media universe and is continuing to increase its presence, engaging the consumer more interactively on and popular websites including Facebook, and Yahoo’s Instant Messaging.

Visitors to can now get ideas and inspiration for a family vacation or getaway with friends while playing “Hit the Road,” the interactive travel game added to the website to give consumers a virtual preview of what they can experience when they hit the road in an RV.

Players earn points by traveling state by state in a virtual RV as they choose destinations, while information about attractions in the area appears on the screen. If the player is interested in physically visiting the destination, they click on “Driving Directions” and Mapquest is engaged.

“Hit the Road” allows players to earn bonus points by playing three extra mini-games. “Interstate of Mind” is a true/false trivia game with questions about the state the player is currently traveling in. “Crank it Up” is a race against the clock to open a folding camping trailer, and “Flight of the Pumpkin” is a silly points-building virtual slingshot.

“Go RVing is keeping pace with America’s growing interest in online games and virtual travel planning,” said Gary LaBella, RVIA vice president and chief marketing officer. "The ‘Hit The Road’ game is a terrific way for families to plan for a real-life RV adventure before they even leave home. It's edu-tainment.”

The same new interactive games housed on the Go RVing website are also available on the popular free Yahoo! Instant Messenger (IM) service. Yahoo users can also access customized conversation screen images that depict RVing scenes, view Go RVing TV ads, read descriptions of RV types, and download popular recipes from

Go RVing has also unveiled a “fan page” on the popular Facebook site, serving 50 million users. Would-be and current RV enthusiasts can gather to learn about RVing, link to the Go RVing website, view photo albums of RV trips and the Go RVing ad campaigns, watch video postings and communicate with each other via the comment wall.

Internet users flock to blog pages for conversation and information. A newly introduced blog on is being authored by well-known travel author and RVIA spokesperson Brad Herzog as he and his family take their annual summer RV roadtrip. The blog includes photos posted by Brad and his wife Amy along the way. Readers are encouraged to post their stories, comments, photos and videos of their own family RV trips.

“Hit the Road,” Facebook and the Go RVing blog are all accessible through links from the homepage of

[ Jul 29, 2008 ]

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Homeland Integrated Security Systems, Newell Coach to Launch Cyber Tracker Pilot Program

Homeland Integrated Security Systems, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: HISU) is pleased to announce that the Company will engage in a pilot program to test the Cyber Tracker safety and security system, and its machine-to-machine monitor and control device on Newell Coach's luxury motor homes. In phase one, Homeland will install the CT-410 on one vehicle for an evaluation period.

Homeland and Newell will evaluate an automatic collision detection system and emergency transmission system with e-mail and text message capability, automatic opening, closing and locking of doors and windows, and remote starting. They will also evaluate real-time or demand-based location and mapping through an on-board computer, cellular phone or Web connection, with an IP camera for live transmission of images inside and outside the vehicle. Additionally, they will test the onboard diagnostics, monitoring and diagnosing engine performance, oil pressure and water temperature, and GPS tracking. The software will allow Newell Coach to know where every vehicle is at all times from an office computer or cellular phone.

"We have worked hard to secure this pilot program. Motor homes represent a significant investment to their owners, and they'll appreciate the vehicle management and security enhancements provided by the Cyber Tracker system," stated Fred Wicks, CEO and President of Homeland Integrated Security Systems. "With approximately 8 million families owning RVs, the possibilities for additional sales are considerable."

The motor home solutions product line will enable owners to select tracking, management and security features for their vehicles while on-board or from a remote location. Homeland provides options for different networks including Sprint/Nextel, AT&T/Cingular, in addition to other carriers, as well as a satellite-based platform.

[ Jul 29, 2008 ]

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Riegel to Speak at Special General Session at RVDA Convention

Richard Riegel, III of Thor Industries, Inc. will provide attendees with his unique insights into the RV market at a special general session, Thursday, September 25th during the RV Dealers International Convention/Expo. This year's Convention/Expo runs Sept. 23-26 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

As Thor’s Chief Operating Officer, Riegel is a key ,strategic decision maker for one of the RV industry’s market leaders. Thor’s extensive towable and motorized product lines give him an outstanding perspective on the trends shaping the future of RV retail – including the future of RV product design, marketing, and consumer demand.

The “new and different” RV Dealers International Convention/Expo, featuring the RV Learning Center, is one of the premier educational events of the year for RV retailers. It will include an all-new series of workshops for dealers and general managers in addition to sessions for sales, F&I, parts & accessories, service, and rental employees. The RV industry's top manufacturers, suppliers, finance firms, and other service providers will also have exhibits in the Expo. The 13th Annual RVDA Education Foundation Classic Golf Tournament will be on Sept. 22.

Sponsors for the 2008 RV Dealers International Convention/Expo are: Emerald Bank of America: Sapphire Bank of the West; Cummins Onan; Dometic; GE; Protective Ruby Assurant Solutions; DealerTrack, Inc.; Diversified Insurance Management, Inc.; Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp.; Manheim; MBA Insurance, Inc.; RV Industry News; RV Trade Digest; Zurich Topaz Atwood Mobile Products, LLC

For registration options, exhibitor information, and schedule updates, visit, send an e-mail to, or call (703) 591-7130.

[ Jul 29, 2008 ]

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Company Also Holds Top Selling Motor Home Manufacturer Honors in U.S.


Winnebago Industries Is Canada's Top Selling Motor Home Manufacturer

Winnebago Industries, Inc. (NYSE: WGO) is Canada's top selling motor home manufacturer, according to Statistical Surveys, Inc., a retail reporting service in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

For calendar 2007, Winnebago Industries' Canadian dealers retailed more Class A and Class C motor homes combined than any other manufacturer's dealer group, achieving 16.7 percent market share.

"Winnebago Industries is extremely pleased to earn the number one motor home manufacturer position in Canada for 2007," said Winnebago Industries Vice President of Sales and Marketing Roger Martin. "We have great Winnebago and Itasca brand dealer partners in Canada, and we're proud of their efforts in helping us achieve this honor. This is also a direct reflection of our outstanding employees, quality-built products and our recognizable brand names. Together, with our dealers, they make Winnebago Industries what it is today -- the number one motor home manufacturer!"

Winnebago Industries also holds the top selling motor home manufacturer honors in the United States, and has earned this distinction for the past seven years. In calendar 2007, Winnebago Industries dealers achieved 18.6 percent market share in the US.

[ Jul 29, 2008 ]

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Four Winds Intentional to host a Dealer Open House for 2009 product launch

Four Winds International announced recently they will be hosting an open house for their dealers at the Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, Michigan.

“The 2009 product line-up is the strongest one yet. We are very excited to show our dealers the changes we have made adding even more value to our products,” said Scott Jacobson, National Sales Manager, Four Winds International.

The 24SB floor plan will be unveiled in the fuel efficient Sprinter line-up. The 24SB features a sofa, dinette super slideout with a large rear bathroom. The overall length of the 24SB is 24’ 10” and it is built on an 11,030 GVWR Sprinter chassis. This model comes equipped with an Infiniss Leather air mattress hide-a-bed sofa, a 19” LCD television and a European inspired interior. Base MSRP is $96,530

Also being unveiled are the completely redesigned Kodiak class C models 36A and 36B. For 2009 an impressive 26,000 GVWR/ 30,000 GCWR Kodiak chassis was chosen to power this motorhome built for towing with its 10,000 lb. hitch. In addition, an E-Z ride suspension system was employed to provide an ultra smooth ride with superior driving stability. The 36A is a triple slideout bunk model with a king bed and the 36B is a double slideout model with a super slide and king bed.

The new 36A and 36B models are both 37’ 6” long and feature a mid-ship 32” LCD television, 26” LCD television in the bedroom, European style cabinetry, molded fiberglass front and rear caps, side hinged exterior luggage doors, 100 gallons of fresh water and a 6.0 diesel generator. Base MSRP for the 36A is $146,930 and the 36B is $145,530.

Other note worthy changes in the Class C line-up include crown roofs with ducted air, upgraded interiors and 82” interior ceilings on the traditional class C’s. The B+ models received upgraded interiors with attractive European curved cabinetry.

The new 34U double slide Class A floor plan will be introduced in the Magellan, Windsport and Hurricane lines. The 34U boast a large U-shaped dinette and king bed. This spacious floor plan will be built on a 22,000 GVWR Ford Chassis and have 22.5” aluminum wheels. The 34U measures 35’ 10” for the Magellan and Windsport and 35’ 5” for the Hurricane. The base MSRP for the 34U Magellan is $120,330, the Windsport is $113,330 and the Hurricane is $107,450.

Other note worthy class “A” changes include easy access side hinged exterior luggage doors (in select areas on all models), mid-ship 32” LCD television on several floor plans and a new one-piece windshield for better driving visibility on the Windsport and Hurricane. Magellan and Windsport-basement models also feature MCD cockpit shades and the Hurricane basement models 34B, 34N and 34U set-up to a 22,000 GVWR Ford chassis with 22.5” aluminum wheels.

For additional information on Four Winds International Class A, Class C and Fun Mover motorhomes, visit the website at or call (574) 266-1111.

[ Jul 29, 2008 ]

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Coachmen grabs market share

Coachmen RV Group has shown considerable strength during the first four months of 2008 in retail sales of its motorized products.

Statistical Surveys Inc. ranked Coachmen fifth in the nation in all motorhome retail sales, year-to-date through April, with 8.3 percent market share. Market share for the month of April alone was an impressive 9.5 percent.

Retail sales of Coachmen RV Group Class C motorhomes have been particularly strong. Coachmen Industries is ranked the No. 2 retailing manufacturer in the industry in Class C retail sales with 15.3 percent market share. The Coachmen model (brand) has earned the No. 1 ranking throughout the nation with a market share increase of 6.2 percent through the first four months of 2008, on top of our 2007 calendar year market share growth of 13.2 percent. April 2008 sales were particularly strong with the Coachmen brand logging 16.6 percent of all Class Cs sold that month.

Coachmen’s travel trailer and fifth wheel products are also gaining market share through April 2008. These gains are also on top of significant market share gains posted in calendar year 2007.

"Over the last 18 months, we have radically repositioned our Company. A clear vision, best-in-class quality and innovation to our products represent our most significant accomplishments. These accomplishments are supported by our market share gains in nearly all product categories”, said Michael R. Terlep, president of Coachmen RV Group. “As Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs once said, innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. The latest data from Statistical Surveys clearly shows that the innovation that we have brought to our products has re-established Coachmen as a leader."

Coachmen's Class C Freelander™ has led the charge in sales. Among the features that consumers find appealing are its immense exterior storage, residential size queen beds and the innovative Azdel™ SuperLite™ composite substrate in the sidewalls that resists moisture, mold and rot.

"Our product innovations are practical innovations that provide value to our customers," said Terlep. "Beyond the WOW factor of our products, they are easy to use, easy to own and easy to enjoy.”

Other Coachmen motorized products with progressive, forward thinking, ultra-modern styling that are earning great reviews include:

  • The Prism™, an aerodynamic fuel efficient Class C built on the diesel Sprinter chassis.
  • The Leprechaun® Class C … special 40th edition of the Leprechaun series featuring an advanced interior design coupled with a reliable motorhome design and construction.
  • The Mirada™ Avant-garde™, a Class A gas powered motorhome that has a distinctly unique interior design.
[ Jul 29, 2008 ]

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General RV Opens New Dealership in North Canton


Look to RVs for Affordable Vacations, Despite High Fuel Costs

With fuel costs hovering around $4 a gallon, many Ohio families are looking for more affordable ways to vacation this summer. The new General RV Center in North Canton reminds you that RV vacations remain economical, even when you factor in higher fuel prices. In fact, a recent study by PKF Consulting found that fuel prices would have to triple for RVing to be more expensive than other forms of travel.

RV family vacations are, on average, 26 to 74 percent less expensive than travel by personal car, airline or cruise ship. Many RV parks are vacation destinations in their own right, offering something for everyone -- swimming pools, playgrounds, game rooms, boating, fishing, nature trails, planned activities and more.

According to online bookings at and reservation statistics from Friend Communications, total campground bookings are up nationally about 23 percent from January to March 2008 versus the same period last year. RV shipments in Ohio have risen in the last year, totaling 9,930 in 2007.

"These numbers show that camping continues to be a strong and viable vacation option even in this uncertain economy," said Linda Profaizer, National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds president. "People still have a great desire to get outdoors and travel. The statistics show they are turning to camping and RVing as a getaway."

Call 330.896.8977 or visit for more information.

[ Jul 29, 2008 ]

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