May 2001       Vol. 26 No. 10

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Cover Story
Destination: Experience

Twenty-five years of hard work and dedication to the RV industry.
Associate editor Bob Zagami talks with Lazydays founder Don Wallace on this, the 25th anniversary of the company. It's a story about a remarkable company and an even more remarkable visionary that started it all. Read about the simple philosophies that propelled Lazydays' to the largest dealer in the country and what his goals are for the next five years.

RV Rentals are Strong

Bert Alanko, chairman of RV Rental Association (RVRA) says RV rentals are strong and during the soft market on rolling stock sales, it might be the ideal time to get into the RV rental business. Alanko sets the stage by what's happening now and gives those interested dealers a blue print on how to make the step into rentals

Voices -- Full-time RVing - A Privilege or a Right?
A Guest Editorial by Cathie Carr, CEO Escapees RV Club

See what Cathie Cars says is a threat to our most sacred freedoms and civil liberties, and why it is important that the RV industry band together to support and fund an offensive to protect the voting rights of full-time RVers.

Investing for the future:
Lazydays embarks on long-term branding strategy.

While other dealers are reaching out to broader audiences in the next town or county, one company is reaching out to the world with its eye on expansion. The company is Lazydays and much of its success has depended upon effective marketing. Now, Lazydays is broadening marketing horizons and focusing on "branding." At Lazydays the man responsible for this new initiative is Stewart Schaffer, chief marketing officer. Learn what Lazydays plans to do and see if your business can benefit from branding.

What RV Industry Leaders Say About Lazydays

In this feature RV News reveals comments -- both complimentary and congatulatory -- made by other industry executives about Lazydays and Don Wallace on the 25th anniversary of  business in the RV industry.

A lesson we can all learn from Lazydays

Bob Zagami tells us how important training is to the success of an RV dealership. He shows how training of every staff member at Lazydays has led to their success.

The vision of one man:
The potential of an entire industry!

Associate editor Bob Zagami believes that the Lazydays successes can be achieved by many other companies. Read the challenge Zagami puts before other RV companies that have not reached higher and gone farther in their business while in just 25 years Lazydays has become a $500 million a year business with an eye toward $1 billion dollars by 2005.


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