March 2001       Vol. 26 No. 8

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Cover Story

Driving Toward NASCAR;
In Pursuit of the Motorsports Customer

RV News focuses on the RV industry's recent recognition of the race car fan as a viable market to continue its market expansion efforts. Every weekend around the country hundreds of thousands of RVs driven by fans, crew chiefs and drivers, migrate to NASCAR race tracks and lose themselves in a world unfamiliar to most industry professionals. Learn who these fans are and how their demographics match up with traditional RV buyers. And read how RV manufacturers and dealers have invested in sponsorships of racing teams to enhance their sales opportunities.

High Marks for 2001 Boston RV Show
RV News' eastern correspondent covered the Boston RV show to gauge how the year is starting out for New England RV dealers. Learn what he discovered by talking to dealers and some of the ideas that worked to bring in traffic that you can pass on to your RV show promoter. Find out whether or not the year started with a bang or a continuation of sluggish, slow sales experienced nationwide at the end of 2000.

Prospecting for the Next Generation:
Adding Intelligence to Lead Follow-up.

This month columnist Bob Zagami looks at how sales leads are handled and based on his own successful experience and his observations of the RV industry, gives owners and sales managers valuable tips on not only how to handle sales leads, but also how to get the best results from sales.

VAR - A Computer Term for the RV Industry
What's VAR have to do with the RV industry? When you learn it's an acronym for 'Value Added Reseller' it starts to make more sense. Learn what defines a value added retailer, and discover whether your company qualifies. If you cannot say with assurance that your company is, then this article is mandatory reading. If your company already is a VAR, read it anyway, you could pick up some new ideas that could make your effort and sales even better.


Positive Signs and Positive Attitudes
After riding the crest of the wave of continued growth over the past several years, the RV industry had a rude awakening during the last half of 2000. With that perspective RV News looks back at what happened, how the year ended up and what the signs are for 2001 after the first month of the new year. RV News puts it all into perspective and gives readers a few ideas on how to make the most of this year before it's too late.


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