February 2001       Vol. 26 No. 7

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Cover Story

Anatomy of a Dream --
A Close Up Look at Cochise Terrace RV Resort, Benson, Arizona

Cochise Terrace RV Resort is a relatively new RV resort in southern Arizona. There are many types of entrepreneurs in the RV industry including those in the resort and campground industry, each with visions for a new or better way to do things. The Bales are not different. Read the story of this startup and meet the owners Art and Pat Bale. Learn about the Bales' commitment to our customers once they have bought an RV and see what the challenges are in this type of business.

Curt Lawler SMC Corporation's New CEO

Co-founder of SMC Corp. Curt Lawler has been actively involved in the company since it's startup in 1987. Recently he took over the reigns of SMC as CEO as his partner and friend Mat Perlot steps aside to retirement. Read about Lawler's fascinating life and learn about his management style that will be dramatically different from the flamboyant Perlot.

Product Spotlight

Tire safety has gotten a lot of attention in recent months with the revelation that Firestone tires may have contributed to untold accidents in SUVs. Part of the problem was and is proper tire pressure. It's no surprise to SmarTire that monitoring tire pressure in RVs is just as important. SmarTire has developed a system to help RVers keep better track of this important information. Read how this product earned its reputation on the race circuit and now is available for RVers both as an OEM product as well as the aftermarket.

The RV Experience
We are All in This Together -- Right?

Over the past several years Bob Zagami has made many suggestions and come up with lots of ideas for creatively selling RVs. This month Zagami takes a look at opportunities that face all segments of the industry - manufacturers, dealers and resort hosts. Learn how Zagami feels that this trio working together can not only improve the RVers experience, but also build a more lasting relationship with that customer.

The Rebel Retires

Mat Perlot has become a household word, the RV industry household, that is, in the 14 years since he co-founder SMC Corp. He surprised the industry last month announcing his retirement for the day-to-day activities of operating the company because of health concerns. Read what RV News thinks about Perlot and the impact he has had on the industry.


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