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    December 2001Volume 27 - Number 5    



The Future of the RV Aftermarket Association

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Back Home Again In Indiana --
    Dick Parks Settles In At Newmar

Following his 33-year career so far in the RV industry with 17 of those years with Fleetwood where he rose to the top of the RV group, Dick Parks returns to his home state as president of Newmar Corporation. Read Parks' story and how he plans to continue in the same direction that Mahlon Miller and Virgil Miller have taken to build Newmar into one of the industry's most respected companies.

RV Aftermarket Industry Meets in Arizona -
     Blue Ox Honored as 'Supplier of the Year'

Armed with a youthful board of directors and new name, the RV Aftermarket Association, formerly WDA, adopted a new strategic plan at its October meeting in Arizona and honored its outstanding members during the 28th Annual Executive Conference.

RV Industry Heritage
Wally Byam -- King Of The Caravans

Most everyone recognizes the name Wally Byam and his role in creating the Airstream Mystique, but few know what a significant role he played in pioneering the concept of group travel for RVers ...... caravanning.

RV Dealers Making A Big Investment In Service
RV dealers across the nation are making a new commitment to their service departments motivated by the opportunities presented by Workhorse Custom Chassis' decision to certify traditional dealerships as authorized service centers. Seizing the opportunity to give motorhome owners the luxury of having their total RV serviced by the selling dealer, dealers believe it's a long overdue opportunity. Read what dealers are saying and learn what it takes to become a certified service center for WCC.
Underneath, Out The Side, And Now On Top;
SkyDeck Pushes Space Availability Upward.
In pursuit of more usable space within an RV, first it was the "Bounder-concept" and basement models, then it was the explosion of the sides with slide-outs and now the idea is going through the roof. Thor and Skydeck may write the next chapter with Skydeck's rooftop seating area with a built-in barbecue ­ an excellent feature for outdoor enthusiasts and race fans.

Sell Convenience, Sell Safety;
More Than Ever . . . Sell the Travel Advantages of RVing

In our changed world following the tragic events of September 11th, the RV industry, especially RV dealers, have a unique opportunity to take our 'family travel' message to an eagerly awaiting audience. Read what Zagami thinks are the right and wrong ways to sell RVs and how to eventually win against competing industries.


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