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    August 2001Volume 27 - Number 1    


What's the future hold for the RV Industry? Find out what some of the top executives think. Faludy, Hertzke, Mullan, Rogers, McGuire and Toolson share their perspectives at RVDA's International Convention/Expo.

Bill Fudale, Tom Faludy, Jeff Rutherford
and Scott Thompson

Carefree of Colorado

Let's Think of a Few Reasons Why
It Can Be Done


Dress for Success
-- or Failure!

Is it safe in these days of employees filing lawsuits against employers for the most trivial of reasons to expect your employees to dress professionally?

According to our associate editor, Bob Zagami, you bet. Especially when that employee's dress code could reflect favorably or unfavorably on your company and its profit potential.

This year Carefree of Colorado celebrates its 30th anniversary so we flew into Denver, drove to nearby Broomfield and met with Tom Faludy, president and the executive management team. But the story we got wasn't about Carefree's 30 years, it was about successfully managing a medium sized supplier company, where innovative product ideas come from. In this RV News exclusive learn where Tom Faludy gets all those ideas for bringing new products to the market and how production line workers can mull over the company's profit picture during breaks from manufacturing awnings.

Take the Offensive . . . Attack Now!
It seems like in every economic crisis there are a few companies that plow forward and simply refuse to accept there are conditions that will inhibit their ability to reach their goals. This month, RV News takes a look at, and praises, a few companies that fall into that category in our industry. See who these companies are and what seems to set them apart.

Service Department ­-
                         A new monthly feature by David T. Matson

RV Technicians or Magicians?
RV News is proud to welcome Dave Matson, a 25-year veteran of the RV industry, as monthly columnist in the technical side of our business. His years of experience in everything from parts manager to vice president of service operations, educator and advocate for better programs for service technicians, gives him a unique perspective to write authoritatively about issues facing service departments everyday. In this, his premier column, Matson writes about the high standard technicians are held to and what little support they get from other industry segments to help get them more and better training.

Web Site Management Launches
RV Manufacturers Web Site

The latest addition to The RV America Network is, a new consumer-resource Internet site focusing on companies that manufacture RVs.

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