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    April 2002 Volume 27 - Number 9    



Where do we go from here?

Bob Zagami


About the Author:
Bob Zagami is an international author and lecturer with over 30 years of sales and marketing experience. Bob is a recognized expert in the document management industry. He has studied the RV industry as a hobby for twenty years and has owned several motorhomes and trailers.

Bob is available for consulting services, seminars, and writing assignments. You can reach him at 978-461-2143 or via e-mail (

Ok, here I am.

I’ve climbed into his chair and stuck my feet into his shoes.

Now I’m the editor.

Big deal. Where do we go from here?

I learned a lot from Don Magary and have really enjoyed working with him and benefiting from his years of experience in the RV industry publications arena.

Now I have an opportunity to write about what I want to write about and bring a different perspective to RV News. Actually, I would prefer to write about what you want to read about.

Every month there are thousands of readers who will get our magazine. Unless we say something really confrontational or write a story that really hits home with you, we will seldom hear anything. Every once in awhile we will get a phone call or a letter. More frequently we will get a quick, short, e-mail.

I ’ve got some ideas about editorial content or stories that I think you might enjoy. However, I’d really like to start our journey together with a better understanding of who you are, what you think of our magazine, and how you think we can make it better.

Follow the link on the Contents page to find a short readership survey.

Please don’t pass it by. I really do want to hear from you, even if you choose not to sign it. You subscribe to our publication for a reason, and I ’d like to know what that reason is.

We have competition. You probably get several RV related trade publications. I'd like to know how we stand up against them in your eyes, not some publicist’s dreams. As the industry changes, we will change with it. However, we want to make sure we are writing about topics that are important to you and your company. We can only do that if you participate in the survey.

So do me a favor, as the new guy on the block, take a few minutes and fill out the survey and fax it back to us today. Give us your opinions and let me know how we can serve you better. I’d really appreciate it.

Also in this issue you will find coverage of the 2002 NTP Dealers/Supplier Conference. Hundreds of attendees gathered on the Queen Mary in late February to see what new products Bob Morter could come up with this year. It’s the highlight of the conference. And he came up with plenty, as you can see from our cover photo in his new product display area. The dealers also had an opportunity to attend several educational sessions that featured new ideas in marketing, sales training and customer service.

When asked what he liked about this year’s conference, Morter said, "The upbeat attitude of the dealers. They know it will be a good year and they attend this conference to learn what they have to do to be ready for success."

It was a very upbeat conference and many of the dealers had their first opportunity to meet new marketing manager, Tom Murphy. Murphy brings over twenty-five years of sales, marketing and advertising experience to the RV industry. The dealers were excited about the words of wisdom Murphy bestowed upon them from the podium in his seminar on Friday. Fresh with new ideas, they hit the three floors of exhibits on Saturday and Sunday with pen in hand and signing orders.

Vendors were delighted with their participation at the conference. NTP backs up their claims of great customer service by putting it into practice at this event. There were several exhibitors on the show floor that did not have products distributed by NTP.  However, theyare allowed to exhibit at the conference because Morter and Murphy see the importance of their products and services to their dealers. Morter noted, "by allowing our dealers to be exposed to new ideas and companies with products that can help them, we share in their success because they learn how to generate more profit for their business."

Isn't that what it ’s all about? Conducting your business in a professional manner, service your customers well, and generating a level of profit that allows you to continue growing and serving the industry even better.

Take a look inside this issue and see if you can ’t pick up a few good ideas that will help you also, even if you weren ’t in Long Beach this year.

Thanks for giving me this unique opportunity to bring you RV News that will help you everyday.

Oh yes, don ’t forget the survey, otherwise I may not have anything to write about next month!

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